Writing Centre


The Writing Centre welcomes writers to talk about their writing. In the centre, we share writing_centreacademic communication strategies, a reference library, and access to online writing resources. The centre is open to all students and faculty at no charge.

Individual Writing Consultations

  • Book an appointment or drop in
  • Plan to visit for 20 to 50 minutes
  • Bring your ideas, doodles, drafts, and assignment sheets

Special Events

Black History Month

International Conversations

We love to talk with international students. Share your drafts, become a Writing Partner, join our Small World Circle, or do all three. If you would like more information about the Small World Circle, please talk with Joan in the Writing Centre or Christina Lord, the International Program Coordinator. The SWC is a great opportunity to develop your oral communication skills and learn about the world.

French Tutoring

Book a Friday morning appointment with our French peer tutor to discuss writing in French. You are welcome to focus on written and/or oral communication during your appointment. If you’re particularly interested in conversation practice, talk to us about joining Rose-Marie Dolinar’s French conversation group, which meets in the Mercato on Wednesdays at lunchtime.

Writing Workshops

Three workshops are available upon request:

  • Academic Integrity – Ideas, Conversations and Academic Conventions
  • Writing at University – Talking about Essays and more
  • The Editor’s Tips – Identifying and revising structural, grammatical and mechanical challenges

Additional workshops may be offered in response to student or faculty requests.

Faculty Resources

We welcome faculty to contact us about visiting classrooms to promote the Writing Centre. Mini workshops and classroom presentations about writing topics may also be arranged.

Writing Centre Publicity to share with students:WRITING CENTRE HOURS AND INFO – 4 FEB 2016


Literacy, Learning and Teaching

In a student-centred setting, our writing centre coordinator and peer tutors will help you to find your voice in the academic community.

We help writers to:

  • Improve reading strategies
  • Conquer writer’s block
  • Assess the writing process
  • Clarify ideas
  • Discover disciplinary conventions
  • Summarize, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize arguments
  • Analyze essay and paragraph structures
  • Learn self-editing and revising techniques
  • Develop strategies for effective communication in English

Together, we:

  • Create a compassionate writing community
  • Empower writers’ academic, professional, and creative voices
  • Invigorate student thinking and writing
  • Engage in active learning
  • Teach, learn, and explore literacy

Contact us

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Brescia’s Writing Centre is the place for all writers.